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Ground Tech Minnesota
July 28, 2023

8 Best Brooklyn Center Main Line Sewer Cleaning & Sewer Rooter Companies in Brooklyn Center Minnesota

Ground Tech Sewer Clog Cleaning Brooklyn Center Mn

Below is a list of the best sewer cleaning plumbers in Brooklyn Center - but we're really eager to have you choose Ground Tech Sewer Brooklyn Center.

Who can fix a clogged sewer line in Brooklyn Center Minnesota? Well, our SEO guy told us we should write this article because we are Ground Tech Sewer, and if you're looking for help unclogging your sewer, getting your sewer line cleared and cleaned in Brooklyn Center, then we'd be honored to help you. Don't fall for the lists of Brooklyn Center Sewer Cleaning like Angi or Yelp, use the Ground Tech Sewer Line Cleaning Services!

Ground Tech Sewer is Brooklyn Center's #1 Sewer Rooter & Sewer Cleaning Company in Brooklyn Center Minnesota

Best Brooklyn Center Sewer Cleaning Companies

While we consider ourselves the best sewer line cleaning company in Brooklyn Center, below, you're going to find a list of other sewer plumbers in the Brooklyn Center Minnesota area, and we'd like to show you exactly how you should be served when getting your sewer line unclogged, cleaned or cleared.

What Causes Sewer Clogs?

  • Old pipes that catch debris
  • Using the wrong toilet wipes
  • Too much toilet paper
  • Flushing other items like towels, toys or anything else
  • Soap scum
  • Hair & grease
  • Corroding pipes, old pipes, and shifted pipes
  • Shifted ground so pipes don't drain
  • Roots growing into the pipes

Brooklyn Center Sewer Cleaning Plumbers:

We've pulled together this list of Main Line Sewer Line Cleaning Companies in Brooklyn Center, but we also want to share with you how the sewer line cleaning process should look.

#1 Sewer Cleaner in Brooklyn Center MN - Ground Tech

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At Ground Tech, our Brooklyn Center Sewer Cleaning, Sewer Clogs, and Sewer Repair services are founded on family values and a strong commitment to integrity.

It's become commonplace for family-operated sewer and drain cleaning businesses in Brooklyn Center to be acquired by large investment or private equity firms.

As the original owners retire, these businesses are being transformed, and not always for the better, they tend to send out sales people to the site and try and upcharge you on your project.

Much like other home service providers, these companies are aggressively pushing for big-ticket repair projects.

An outstanding Brooklyn Center Sewer Cleaner will act as a guide, providing helpful advice rather than pressuring you into making a hasty decision. If they don't provide options or help you understand the issues, it might be a red flag.

Our service areas include:

Arden Hills



Brooklyn Center

Coon Rapids

Forest Lake


Lake Elmo


New Brighton

North St. Paul



Spring Lake Park

St. Paul

Vadnais Heights

West St. Paul

White Bear Lake


When you choose Ground Tech St Paul Sewer Cleaning, Sewer Inspections & Sewer Repair, you can rest assured.

Sure, it's easy for us to claim we're so great, but look at our customer reviews and hear from our leadership, and you'll quickly understand that we're on a mission to be a customer-focused company.

Connect with our technician today to get your sewer unstuck and unclogged!

How Ground Tech Sewer Brooklyn CenterCleans Drains:

Drain Cleaning Step 1 - Quick Assessment & Mechanical Snake

The first step taken is to quickly assess and use a sewer snake tool to try to clear any immediate debris that might be causing the trouble.

If the shower, toilet, or sink won't drain, often times there's a more localized clog really close to the source.

It's usually a bunch of toilet paper, hair, or other debris that we just need to clean out.

Drain Cleaning Step 2 - Camera Inspection

If the immediate solution doesn't work, we will use our high-tech, camera system that will go deep into your sewers and allow us to see what's actually clogging things.

The camera has a light, along with a small sensor so that we can identify where the clog, obstruction or anything else might be.

Sewer Line Inspection Twin Cities

We can use our sewer inspection cameras to inspect from the house, all the way to the city main sewer.

We'll find out exactly where we need to clear and then move on.

Drain Cleaning Level 3 - Mechanical Rooter & Cutting Blade

We have heavy duty, mechanical rooter which we can feed down the sewer to cut through roots, debris and sewer blockage.

Brooklyn Center Sewer Rooter Companies

So if you're in Woodbury, and you need a sewer rooter, choose Ground Tech Sewer Brooklyn Center and we'll get you unstuck quick and easy.

The blade will often make great work of the problem.

Drain Cleaning Level 4 - Sewer Hyrdrojetting or Sewer Waterjet

If the mechanical rooter doesn't do the trick, we might opt for a sewer water jet cleaning.

If you're looking for a Woodbury Sewer Waterjet or Sewer Hyrdojetting, Ground Tech can help you.

Waterjet sewer cleaning uses a long high pressure hose with a specialized set of tips that shoot water at massive high pressure to cut through and displace the sewer debris so it can flow.

Waterjet Sewer Unclog is Highly Effective at cutting through very tough clogs, as well as more thoroughly cleaning the sewer pipe so that obstructions won't continue.

Drain Cleaning Level 4 - Replacing or Relining your Sewer Lines

Don't risk repeated overflows of Sewage!

If your sewer is stuck from shifted soil or major damage, it may be a better idea to do a trench repair.

It's a last resort, but sometimes the risk is too high, and it's no joke to have raw sewage pouring into your home.

Ground Tech can Remove Your Old Sewer Pipes and Replace Them.

If you're sewer lines are broken, or if they're really damaged and setup to create continuous problems, you may want to simply repair or replace your sewer lines.

If you're looking for a Minneapolis Sewer Line Replacement company, that's Ground Tech's Specialty.

You can often pay for sewer line replacements on your property taxes!

Sewer line replacement can be expensive, but risking repeated overflows of raw sewage into your home is not good either.

#2 Sewer Cleaner in Brooklyn Center MN - Mr. Rooter Plumbing of The Twin Cities

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Since the original Mr. Rooter was founded in 1970, the company has remained committed to a set of core values that are rooted in performing quality work at honest prices.

Today, Mr. Rooter is a large family of independently owned and operated plumbing companies united by a common set of values and a shared belief in providing the best customer service possible.

They offer a variety of services for residential plumbing like clogged drains, drain cleaning, frozen pipes, hydro jetting, plumbing repair, water heater installation, sewer system backups and more.

#3 Sewer Cleaner in Brooklyn Center MN -  Marvel Sewer and Drain

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After years spent in the plumbing and drain industry, Marvel Sewer and Drain Founder Ben Smith grew fascinated with no-dig methods of sewer repair.

In 2010, he began to learn all he could about non-invasive repair methods and started his company to serve the particular niche.

From a simple drain cleaning to a full-blown sewer replacement, they have the tools and expertise to address the problems with your plumbing.

They're a local, family-owned business that takes pride in every job.

For over 10 years, they have serviced the Twin Cities metro with holistic sewer and drain solutions that address the root of the problem, delivering results that hold up for years to come.

#4 Sewer Cleaner in Brooklyn Center MN - Plumb Right

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Plumb Right is a full-service plumbing company that deals honestly and fairly with the customers, no matter the size of the job.

Since 1988, they have been honing their craft in the plumbing industry.

Plumb Right has found which vendors to trust when it comes to quality and which suppliers equip them with the best products.

Led by a third generation master plumber, they are proud to provide reliable and effective plumbing services in Minneapolis, Brooklyn Park, and surrounding areas.

#5 Sewer Cleaner in Brooklyn Center MN -  One Hour Rooter Plumbing Drain Cleaning Sewer Repair

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The owners' own long-time friendship began in school and evolved as we both worked to become plumbers.

It was upon this base of building relationships that they launched One Hour Rooter Plumbers in 2012.

After just two years in business, they have firmly established ourselves as drain cleaning and inspection specialists in the Twin Cities metro area.

With nine employees, six technicians, and six company branded service vans, they were poised to continue to grow.

#6 Sewer Cleaner in Brooklyn Center MN -  Service Star Plumbing

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With over 20 years of experience, you can rely on Service Star Plumbing to handle any plumbing problem that you are currently experiencing.

Service Star Plumbing, LLC has a team of reliable and experienced plumbers who can handle any plumbing problem occurring at your home or business.

They offer water maintenance, sewer maintenance, pipe repairs, plumbing fixture replacements, sump pump installations, water heater replacements, backflow prevention, plumbing remodeling, gas line repairs, water filtration and emergency plumbing repairs.

#7 Sewer Cleaner in Brooklyn Center MN - John's Sewer & Drain Cleaning, Inc.

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John’s Sewer & Drain Cleaning has been providing high quality drain cleaning services to Minneapolis businesses and homes since 1976, having grown to become your full-service drain solutions provider.

They service an 18 mile radius around Minneapolis.

John's employ more than 35 drain technicians to handle many different types of drain, sewer and plumbing problems.

John’s Sewer & Drain Cleaning is a family owned business, led by Larry Gillis.

Before John’s, Larry served as president and chief executive officer of Roto-Rooter and owned several franchises, giving him a very valuable perspective in offering the finest in drain cleaning service.

#8 Sewer Cleaner in Brooklyn Center MN - Gopher Sewer and Drain

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Gopher Sewer & Drain is a local, family owned and operated drain cleaning company that services Minneapolis and surrounding Metro.

Our business is dedicated to providing high quality service at an affordable price.

After many years of working for one of the largest companies in the industry, the Tapia brothers decided to start their own Minneapolis drain cleaning business, Gopher Sewer & Drain, in 2009.

They recognize that clogged drains and sewer back-ups are inconvenient and stressful for homeowners and businesses alike.

We want to help relieve that stress by resolving your problems quickly, effectively, and at a price you can afford.

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