7 Factors that Lead to Septic Tank Repair vs. A Simple Septic Pumping

We outline the 7 things that lead to a septic tank needing repair or pumping.

Ground Tech Minnesota
March 30, 2023

Deciding to repair or pump your septic tank?

We are Ground Tech and we provide septic tank repair and septic tank installation services here in the Twin Cities region of Minneapolis and St. Paul.

Here at Ground Tech will estimate and inspect your septic tank system in order to identify whether or not you need to pump your septic tank system or if there's actually damage that needs to be repaired or if your septic tank needs to be replaced.

We can help with all types of septic tanks, including plastic septic tanks, concrete septic tanks, or steel septic tanks.

If you have lots of anxiety about your septic tank, or if you're ready to tackle your septic tank problems once and for all, we would love an opportunity to connect and earn your business.

We know that septic problems are not fun and we try to make this as easy as possible.

We are dedicated to provide excellent outcomes and helpfulness throughout the entire process of a septic tank repair, septic tank installation, or septic tank pumping.

When a septic tank is clogged, it can cause backups, slow drainage, and other problems.

Whether to pump or repair the tank will depend on the cause and severity of the clog.

Here are some general guidelines to follow:

In order to pump, the tank is full and has reached its maximum capacity, it will need to be pumped to remove the accumulated solids and liquids.

If the clog is caused by an accumulation of solids in the tank, pumping will remove the blockage and allow the system to function properly again.

In order to determine if the septic tank needs repairing, If the clog is caused by a damaged or collapsed pipe leading to or from the septic tank, repairing or replacing the pipe may be necessary.

If the septic tank has cracks or other damage that is causing the clog, repairing or replacing the tank may be necessary.

It's important to note that pumping a septic tank is not a permanent solution to a clog, as it will not fix any underlying issues that may be causing the blockage. In some cases, repairing or replacing the septic tank or pipes may be necessary to prevent further clogs and ensure the system functions properly.

If you are experiencing issues with your septic system, it's best to consult with a licensed septic system professional to determine the cause of the problem and the best course of action to address it.

What damages a Septic Tank & What Causes the Need for Septic Repair?

7 Factors that Lead to Septic Tank Damage & Repair Costs

Several factors can lead to damage and the need to repair a septic tank.

Here are some common causes:

#1 - Age of the Septic Tank

Over time, a septic tank may deteriorate due to natural wear and tear, resulting in cracks or leaks. As septic tanks get older, their efficiency decreases and they become more prone to damage, leakage or clogs. Tanks older than 25 years often need repair or replacement as they cannot process and hold as much sewage as they could before.

#2 - Poor Maintenance of The Septic Tank

Failure to pump or inspect the septic tank regularly can lead to clogs, blockages and potentially more costly damages in the future. If a septic tank has not been properly maintained for a long period of time, repairs might be necessary to fix any potential damage that has occurred over the years. We offer repair of septic tanks and are able to maintain your septic tank.

#3 - Tree Roots Damaging the Septic Tank

The roots of trees and shrubs can penetrate and damage underground septic tanks, disrupting the system and leading to clogs or backups. When the roots penetrate, it will start to leak sewage, so it is important to take measures to prevent roots from damaging your tank in order to protect yourself and the environment.

#4 - Vehicles & Overhead Traffic / Weight

Heavy traffic or vehicles driving over the tank can cause the system to shift or collapse. Vibrations caused by heavy traffic can loosen pipes or clog them with sediment resulting in drainage issues. Having a septic tank below a road or parking spaces is not recommended so you can avoid costly repairs and also having less trouble to maintain it.

#5 - Wrong or Improper Chemicals & Contaminants

Chemicals like soaps, detergents, bleach and fuel can degrade the quality of the water in the tank, causing bacteria to die off and leading to clogs. Using wrong or improper chemicals and contaminants can damage piping leading to costly repairs or even replacements of your septic system.

#6 - Improper Septic Tank Installation

The wrong sized tank, incorrect tank placement, or improper sewage system design can lead to problems with drainage and create major plumbing issues. A properly installed septic tank will ensure that wastewater is able to drain out of the tank without obstruction, avoiding costly plumbing repairs or contamination of your home. We are professional septic tank installers and repairers, get in contact with us to make sure it is installed correctly.

#7 - Natural Disaster Damage & Flooding

Floods and hurricanes can have a devastating impact on your septic tank. Heavy rain can cause flooding and water damage to the tank itself, leading to cracks and leaks that will need immediate repair. Contamination of drinking water due to overflowing wastewater can cause costly repairs and health risks. Taking precautionary steps is essential in order to avoid such issues, even if it may be hard as you cannot control the weather.


It's important to address any signs of damage or issues with a septic tank as soon as possible to prevent further damage and ensure proper function. It is essential to be aware of the numerous factors that can influence your septic system's repair requirements and performance in order to make informed decisions and ensure long-term functionality. Regular maintenance and proper use can also help prevent damage and prolong the lifespan of a septic system.

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