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We pursue excellence in all that we do for any size of customer, whether you're a Home Owner, Large Track Home Builder or a Municipality.

Ground Tech - Twin Cities

Predictably Excellent Excavation, 
Sewer & Septic

We've dug thousands of projects over the last decade, and when you need predictably excellent service, you can trust the professionals at Ground Tech Twin Cities.

Basement Excavation, Grading & Soil Correction

Sewer Cleaning, Sewer Clog Clearing & Sewer Inspections

Sewer Line Repair & Replacement

Septic Tank Repair, Replacement & Service

Ground Tech Minneapolis - St. Paul

Serving the Minneapolis St. Paul
Twin Cities

We're on a mission to deliver predictably excellent results for home builders, Home Owners & Municipalities for their excavation, sewer & septic needs.

Main Line Sewer Clog Cleaning

Clear your drains with sewer line inspection, main line sewer cleaning, sewer clog hydrojetting & main line sewer rooter.

Septic Tank Install, Pump & Repair

We install, repair & pump septic tanks across the Twin Cities.

Sewer & Water Line Replacement

Trust Ground Tech when you need excavation for sewer & water lines.

Grading & Excavation for Home Builders

We've dug thousands of basements for track home builders, custom home builders & customers for soil correction.

Soil Correction of Contaminated Soil

If you need soil correction in the Twin Cities, we'll deliver predictably excellent results & service.

Excellence for Any Size Project

You and Your Sub-Contractors will Love Working with Us

We know how to make projects stay ahead of schedule, and when there's a mistake, we know how to swiftly address it and keep things moving.

Other sub-contractors will love working alongside us.

We know how to reduce problems and swiftly find solutions when challenges arise.

We're able to deliver at scale, including large developments.

Ground Tech Minneapolis St. Paul


We're on the constant pursuit of mastery, so check out our specialties and learn more about what we can accomplish.

Family Owned & Committed to Excellence

We are the Henslin Brothers, and we love construction and problem solving.  We've slowly built Ground Tech into one of the premiere excavation, sewer and septic companies in Minneapolis St. Paul.

We Tackle Difficult Sewer & Utility Problems

Our crew can handle the most difficult sewer & utility problems.  If you need sewer repair, utility repair or replacement of any sewer pipes, we'll make sure your project is done excellently.


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