THousands OF Projects Since 2006

We're family owned as three brothers - Pete, Mike & Steve Henslin.  
We love delivering predictably excellence at every scale, and we're relentless in our pursuit to improve.

Family Owned & Operated

Introduce the team

A common concern a visitor experiences is how well will the product or service be supported. Introducing the team eases fears while showing confidence.

Steven Henslin

Steve does sales, hiring & manages schedules for projects.

Pete Henslin

Pete runs the job sites & ensures projects are done with excellence.

Mike Henslin

Mike handles logistics, finances and vision.

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Our story

We Love a Challenge & The Pursuit of Mastery

2002 - 2004

Pete Starts Landscaping

Pete started the company as a landscaping contractor back in the early 2000's

2004 - 2010

Mike & Steve Join & Scale

Pete invited Mike and Steve to join the business, and they quickly scaled.

2009 - 2019

Massive Growth in Excavation

We dug thousands of projects for home builders, custom builders & cities.

2019 - Present

Sewer, Septic & Utility Focus

After learning how to deliver predictably excellent solutions to developers & contractors, we've been focusing on sewer, utility and septic tanks.

Our vision

To deliver predictably excellent projects
& Create a fantastic WOrkplace

Our values

Our Values & Approach

Ground Tech Exists to Conquer Hard Problems at Any Scale

Continuous Improvement

We've developed a culture where we're constantly trying to make ourselves better.


We take ownership to find solutions no matter how hard, and we get through difficult circumstances with poise.

Predictable Excellence

Our process & culture has lead to outcomes that are fantastic for customers, week after week.


Collaboration and team work between our team members and other sub contractors leads to projects getting done excellently.


As a company and individual, the Ground Tech team aims to be helpful in all things, so everyone around us succeeds.


Safety is a top priority for our company and team, you can expect the job site to be safe.

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