Blaine Sewer Line Cleaning & Sewer Clog Inspection Blaine

Blaine Sewer Clog Experts

Sewer clogged? We'll get it cleared no matter how bad it is.

Blaine Sewer Line Cleaning & Sewer Clog Inspection Blaine

Get the Right Sewer Clog Solution

Clear Communication, Timely Completion, and Fair Pricing

At Ground Tech, we understand that main line sewer cleaning isn't just about fixing pipes—it's about trust, transparency, and a job well done. We keep you informed every step of the way, delivering the service you need on time and at a fair price, with no unpleasant surprises.

Blaine Sewer Line Cleaning & Sewer Clog Inspection Blaine

We Clear Sewer Problems Big & Small

Slow drains, clogged toilets, backups, foul smells or leaks into your yard are all signs your sewer might be clogged.

Sewer Clog Snake

We'll use our industrial length snakes to clear your sewers.

Sewer Pipe Inspections

We'll use our high tech cameras to find the clog or obstruction.

Sewer Mechanical Rooter

We have tools to clear roots, obstructions & more.

Hyrdo Jetting & Waterjet

For really tough jobs with soap, oil and paper, we use a high pressure

Fast, Fair & Friendly

We're a family owned business dedicated to serving people.

Sewer Line Replacement

Our team is capable of doing highly complex excavation projects too.

Blaine Sewer Line Cleaning & Sewer Clog Inspection Blaine

Get Solutions & Don't Get Oversold

Offering Sound Advice, Fair Pricing and Excellent Service

When it comes to main line sewer cleaning, you need a partner that delivers the right solutions without upselling unnecessary services. Ground Tech is that partner. With our expert advice, fair pricing, and commitment to your best interests, we ensure you get the service you truly need, without any hassle.

Blaine Sewer Line Cleaning & Sewer Clog Inspection Blaine

Hyrdo Jetting vs. Rooter or Snake:

Blaine Main Drain Cleaning Services

What's causing your sewer lines to drain slow?

Slow drains can be a sign of a blockage in your sewer line. This issue can occur in multiple fixtures at once or just one at a time.

Get Sound Advice & An Unclogged Sewer Line

We Unclog Main Sewers or Completely Repair

We Get to the Root of Your Sewer Problems

No matter what your sewer problems are, we can solve them and always pursue your best interests.

  1. Quick Inspections & Problem Identification
  2. Easy Mechanical Rooter or Snake
  3. Upgrade to Water Jetting or Hyrdojetting Capabilities
  4. We Can Fix Leaks with Pipe Relining
  5. Trench-less or Semi Trench-less Options
  6. Even Full Sewer Line Removal & Replacement


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Blaine Sewer Line Cleaning & Sewer Clog Inspection Blaine

When to Replace Sewer Lines:

When do you need to replace your sewer lines and what should you know?

Sewer Clog Signs

If you're encountering any of the following problems, you'll probably want to call for a sewer line inspection service from Ground Tech.

  1. Frequent Drain Clogs: If you're dealing with recurring clogs in your home, especially in multiple drains, it may be an indication of a problem with your main sewer line.
  2. Slow Draining: Slow drains can be a sign of a blockage in your sewer line. This issue can occur in multiple fixtures at once or just one at a time.
  3. Unusual Noises: If you're hearing gurgling sounds from your drains or toilets, it could be due to a blockage or damage in the sewer line.
  4. Sewage Backup: If sewage or waste water is backing up in your drains or toilets, it's a strong sign of a major blockage or a break in your sewer line.
  5. Unpleasant Odors: If you're smelling sewage in or around your home, it could be due to a leak or damage in your sewer line.
  6. Mold: Moisture from a leaking sewer line can create ideal conditions for mold growth, so the appearance of mold could indicate a problem with your sewer line.
  7. Lush Patches in Your Lawn: If you notice that certain patches of your lawn are particularly lush and green, it may be due to sewage leakage from your sewer line.
  8. Sinking Areas in Your Yard: If parts of your yard or paving are sinking, it could indicate a serious sewer line problem, such as a bellied pipe or a broken sewer line.
  9. Structural Damage to Property: In severe cases, sewer line problems can lead to damage to your home's foundation or other structural elements. This can occur if a sewer leak goes undetected and the ground underneath your home starts to shift.
  10. Pest Infestation: Rats, insects, and other pests can often find their way into homes through cracks and holes in a damaged sewer line.
  11. Old Age or Inferior Materials: Sewer lines made from old or inferior materials such as clay, cast iron, or Orangeburg, can degrade over time and cause issues.
  12. Invasive Tree Roots: Trees with deep, expansive root systems can sometimes invade sewer lines, leading to blockages or damage.

What Company Provides Sewer Line Cleaning in Blaine?

What companies are approved to do sewer repair in Blaine? Ground Tech MN is a preferred sewer repair, sewer cleaning & sewer replacement contractor in the city of Blaine.

If you're searching for a company that will help you when your main sewer line isn't draining properly, Ground Tech is a company that will help you solve your sewer problems, particularly if you're looking for sewer line cleaning in Blaine.

Ground Tech is a Preferred Sewer Line Repair Sewer Clog Cleaning Company for the City of Blaine.

When you choose Blaine Sewer Line Cleaning Service from Ground Tech, you'll get fast, friendly and customer-centric service.

What Sewer Services Do We Provide in Blaine?

We Start with Blaine Sewer Line Inspections.

Ground Tech starts every inquiry with a phone call to trouble shoot, but then we will provide an inspection of your entire main sewer line to look for the reason that your Blaine home is experiencing sewer backups & sewer clogs.

Blaine Sewer Services by Ground Tech
  • Blaine Sewer Line Inspection
  • Blaine Main Sewer Line Cleaning
  • Rooter & Snake Sewer Cleaning Blaine
  • Sewer Water Jetting or Hydro Jetting
  • Trenchless Sewer Repair Blaine
  • Full Trench Sewer Repair Blaine

If you have sewer problems, we'll help you get the best solution, at the best value, and ensure you know all your options.

Blaine Sewer Line Cleaning & Sewer Clog Inspection Blaine

Overcome Slow Drains with Ground Tech

Speed Up Your Life with Our Efficient Sewer Line Cleaning Services

Tired of waiting for water to drain? Slow draining can be a sign of serious sewer line issues. At Ground Tech, we get to the bottom of these issues, using advanced methods to clear blockages and restore your drains to their optimal speed.

Blaine Sewer Line Cleaning & Sewer Clog Inspection Blaine

Sewer Line Hydro Jetting Blaine

If you have a drain clog or sewer line that's backed up in Blaine, and our first simple rooter solution doesn't fix it, we'll bring out our mechanical rooter or our high-pressure hydrojetting cleaning which will make short work of any obstacles.

Drain Cleaning with Hydro Jetting Blaine:

  • Great for roots, toilet paper & grease
  • Able to clear deep clogs
  • Flexible & safe
  • Able to solve most problems
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We're on the constant pursuit of mastery, so check out our specialties and learn more about what we can accomplish.


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