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Step 2: Planning

Ground Tech does not follow the “industry standard” in the residential market. They are the industry standard!  Over the past decade they have built the best team of industry professionals and invested in the best technology available to the residential home digging industry.  An on-staff surveyor, drone technology, proprietary and third-party software, established operating procedures, and state of the art GPS equipment allow Ground Tech to understand, bid and execute projects flawlessly.  The time and value of a formal plan and proposal include the following considerations:

Planning Considerations for Tract Developments


- Basement Depth                                    - Basement Rock Tonnage

- Basement S.F                                         - Basement Type

- Deck Footings for Dig                             - Deck with Dig Footings

- Dirt Haul Immediately                             - Driveway Cut Depth

- Driveway Expansion Side                       - Driveway Length

- Driveway Rock Tonnage                         - Driveway S.F.

- Driveway/Garage Type                           - Egress Windows Total S.F.

- Front Stoop with Deck Footings              - Garage Front Sand

- Garage Slab                                            - Garage to Basement Wall

- S&W Trench                                             - Sewer Run L.F.

- Sport Court S.F.                                       - Stoop S.F.

- Walkout Trench Length                            - Water Run L.F.

Planning Considerations for Custom Homes

In addition to the tract development considerations listed above:


- Demolition                                                 - Escrow

- Golf Room S.F.                                          - Parking Garage S.F

- Permits                                                      - Pool Excavation S.F.

- Post Site Grade                                         - Pre-Site Grade

- Retaining Wall Excavation                         - Sewer Line Disconnect

- Stormwater Management System             - Water Line Disconnect

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