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Step 1: Mobilization

Ground Tech uses every resource to understand the jobsite, survey, and proposed plans and schedules. Their investments in drone technology and modern software to provide more accurate results and realistic project plans. Take for example that typical industry yard surveys take 10- to 25-yard points, Ground Tech captures 5,000 – 10,000 yard points. With the survey results and overhead drone shots, The comprehensive plan and data points are neatly packaged and shared by Ground Tech’s inhouse survey department.

Tract Home Builders. Communication is key when working with developers purchasing departments, land teams, and on-site job superintendents. Expect to receive monthly over/under with soil imports/exports from Ground Tech.  This relevant information allows land departments to hold the footing elevations higher and/or lower in future phases to decrease soil imports/exports. 

Custom Home Builders. Collaboratively working with each custom home builder is important to Ground Tech. Assessing the site, developing a plan, presenting the plan to the builder, and incorporating the builders feedback are completed before a bid.

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